Friday, November 20, 2009

Car Trouble

I must first preface this post with the fact that I am SO VERY thankful that overall we have put NO work into our van in the past 2, almost 3 yrs! Isnt God amazing! He has allowed that van to run smoothly for the years we were struggling to stay afloat!
And now, that God is continuing to provide, He allowed car trouble.
It just amazes me-
God is SO good and always has been
and always will be, even amidst car trouble!
Now the story- on Monday I was driving to pick up the twins and I looked down and the thermostat was at High and the heat was not working (mind you it was COLD that day)
I did not have my cell phone and panicked, so I got off C470 and went to a Brakes Plus. 2 hours later, Mark picked me and the babies up, we picked up the girls and crammed into the red car and prayed we would not get pulled over since 4 kiddos were squished in the back seat!
We went back to get the van and they told me there was nothing wrong- I drove it home and it was doing the same thing as that afternoon- can you believe it!
Well, I then called my step-dad who is a human car handbook and he said it sounded like the thermostat, so I called Brakes Plus to see what that would cost and they said $300. Tim said mark could probably do it himself, so he tried and $20 and one hour later it was done!
I was SO proud of Mark!
But unfortunately, it did not work. Now we needed help- so Mark asked around at Valor and found a Christian mechanic who doesnt rip people off, so we are hoping to have more questions answered this weekend. In the meanwhile, I have MANY thank you's to friends who have helped us in transporting our twins from school- JOY and KRISTA- THANK YOU!
I have been stuck at home all week which is quite different for me-
I am used to being on the go!
But it has been nice to slow down and relax more!
So, please pray that this guy can find the problem and that it will not be extremely expensive!
God is GOOD no matter what the verdict will be...

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