Sunday, November 22, 2009

Grand Prix

I find this post VERY humorous!
The twins are in Sparks at Little Bible Chapel
and are very much enjoying their year! Well, it was time for the annual
Grand Prix
where each kid gets a block of wood and wheels
and has to carve a car to race on Grand Prix night.
Mark and I had NEVER participated in one of these and
car designers we are not!
Thankfully, the chapel had a night where you could go
and get your wood cut, so we went and the twins both wanted mice.
So, the nice man carved a shape that was to resemble a mouse.
We took them home, painted them pink
(didnt you know mice are pink?)
and added eyes, ears and a tail.
The night of the race was upon us.

We watched as the pink mice were lined up on the track
with 2 other cars and were raced 4 times.
As you can see in the above picture,
the pink mice made it to the middle of the track and stopped.
They were pushed the rest of the way to the time thingy!
Every time, the same result.
The girls didnt seem to care- one of the leaders told them that
the mice wanted everyone to see how cute they were
so they stopped in the middle to show off!

Thank goodness for participation ribbons!
Next year, we'll add weights.


Sarah said...

Sounds like something we would have done. lol I am glad they didn't feel bad!

~Abbey~ said...

you guys need to brush up on your Aerodynamics studies! mice are pink when they are born--i am with the girls on pink mice :) glad they had fun--our church doesn't have grand prix til T&T...but we are only in the 3rd year doing one-so hopefully we'll see it expand!!