Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sweet Land of Liberty

Happy Veteran's Day!
thank you to all the men and women
who HAVE served our country,
who ARE serving our country,
and who have DIED serving our country...
we are grateful
and thankful to experience freedom
because of you all.
My twins are going on their first field trip of their young lives today. They are attending a Veterans day memorial at a park in Littleton. They are excited to give the card they made to a veteran. Arianna told me she wants to give it to a girl veteran! Then they will have lunch in the park and play. They told me they didnt want me to come...sniff... they are growing up!

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~Abbey~ said...

that is sweet! Clayton has said the same thing, my response: too bad, i am going or your are not! LOL! that will change!--he has his whole life to hate me for it! :)