Monday, January 4, 2010

The Best Is Yet To Come....

2004- We started out our marriage without a digital camera (and I have still yet to scan our "old"  first anniversary pictures), so here we are above on our second anniversary finding out we were pregnant and in July of that year, we had twin baby girls!
2005- Our third anniversary, we were SURVIVING, trying to raise twin baby girls , so as you can imagine, we dont have many pictures of just us two! (I couldnt find one honestly-!)
Life was full of babies!
2006- Our fourth anniversary we had adjusted to life with kids and in the middle of the year,
I was pregnant with baby number 3! 

2007- Our fifth anniversary, we welcomed Ella into the world
(2 days after our anniversary to be exact) 
We also moved to Colorado- life was full of changes that year! 

2008- Our sixth anniversary, I was pregnant again with our BOY, Elijah! Life with him was very different but FUN and 4 kiddos at home took some adjusting to as well!

 2009- Our 7th anniversary was very "normal" - no new babies-
Mark started a new job and  we were just enjoying watching our family grow!

So, here we are to 2010 ( I'll take a picture of us tonight on our date)
When I look back on all these pictures,
I am overwhelmed how God has blessed our lives together-
He has given us 4 beautiful children.
He has strengthened our mariage and the love I feel for Mark has only grown stronger.
We have had our rough times for sure, but I wouldn't trade my life for anything or anyone else!
I Love you, Mark and am forever yours....
Happy 8th Anniversary!

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Chad said...

wow, seven years! doesn't time go fast. i like how you said you are just watching your family grow...our new years resolution last year was no babies born in 2009 and we accomplished it!