Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Catching up

I feel so behind in my blogging and life in general!
Here are a few snapshots from our night out for our 8th Anniversary on January 4th!

We went out to eat for an AMAZING fancy dinner at The Broker in downtown Denver.
My sweet friend, Megan, babysat for us and we ate till we could eat no more!
The French Onion soup was amazing and has won many awards!
We also had all you can eat shrimp cocktail, salmon,
steak, salad, and raspberry cheesecake from New York!

If you have never eaten at a fancy resturaunt- I reccommend it at least once!
I think the first time in our marriage that we splurged like that and it was SO worth it-
they even had Valet parking! I felt so special!

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