Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Celebrating 3 Years With My Ella Bella

We celebrated Ella's 3rd Birthday this morning with a breakfast party! I stayed up and decorated the dining room (amazing what $5 from the Dollar Tree can do) and when she woke up and came downstairs she was in awe:) Daddy made her our traditional birthday pancakes and we sang and she blew out her 3 pink candles.

We played Pin the Nose on Elmo and she opened her 3 presents!

Tonight we are going to take her on a special trip to Chuckie Cheese
while the twins are at AWANA and maybe to Village Inn for some pie.
On Saturday she will have her friend birthday party (cupcakes and tea)
I am so blessed to have Ella Bella in my life these past 3 years.
She is spunky, sweet, not cuddly, funny, has adorable mannerisms and beautiful eyes.
Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

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-K. said...

What a fun birthday party!! She's so cute.