Monday, March 12, 2012

Enjoy the Warmth

 We have been having some pretty splendid weather here lately! High 60's for days in a row now:) We have been taking advantage of it by being outside a lot! We took a trip to DeKoevend park on Saturday while Mark was preparing his sermon to preach on Sunday. The Mondragons joined us:) 
LOVED how Breck has to get in on the fun! 


 We did some exploring in the woods by the creek. It was so fun! I love my kids huge imaginations!

 classic picture:) 
 We are trying to grow Ellas bangs out but boy is it hard- nothing stays in her hair to keep it out of her eyes! ah well...
Love this picture of me and my Lij! Hes a funny kid and I am blessed to be his momma!
I started exercising again. You know me, I go in spurts:) But took a 2 mile walk/run today and am working out with Mark at night with a fitness DVD. Im sore! 
Hoping to get my stomach into shape. Thats the goal! 
Well, off to work on my Etsy shop! 

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