Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Red Dining Room

 I have had several people say that they would like to see pictures of my house on my blog so I thought I'd do a room to room view, starting with the dining room.
Its RED! very red! especially in the late afternoon when the sun comes through the back window and the whole room glows. I like it. Its bold and bright with accents of black, orange and white.

 I have a VERY large wall on one side that my sweet friend Megan basically decorated for me with pictures of our family that she took!  
 We have needed bar stools for forever and I FINALLY found the perfect ones at a yard sale. They are old and vintage and wrought iron and have so much character and did I mention, have burnt orange vinyl seats?! They match perfectly and I got them for around $10 a chair- steal of a deal!

Here is the view when you walk in the front door. 

Now for the crazy part.. here is the dining room when we first moved in 3 years ago. It is amazing to me how my style has changed so dramatically but it really has- even the way I dress has changed and I'm not sure what started the change! I think its amazing how VERY different my style was then and is now! I think part of it is that I never really bought things for the house in the beginning- I was given a ton of stuff by my mom and her style is country and more romantic, so I just adopted that style because it meant I could use all her things that she didn't want any more and not spend money which is a good thing. I was very grateful for them because my home would have been VERY bare if not for her:)
But as my style began changing, I just worked at one room a little at a time switching over to a style that was more me. In my head that was too much work but it just took time and patience to switch over . I rarely buy items full price. I find them at garage sales or at deeply discounted sales or I make it. So once I decided I wanted the room red and actually painted it, then I sewed some curtains and worked a little at a time to transform it to what I wanted in my head. I really enjoy the "hunt" for the perfect things  to add to the room and get even more excited when it costs little!

Next to come, the living room! 


Ben and Carissa said...

I have a red dining room/kitchen too!! Love BOLD! I was just thinking the other day how much my style has changed over the years too! Oh, how I loved a long denim dress!! HA!! Thanks for the peek into your home!

Michelle said...

GORGEOUS, Chas! I love love love what you've done. The dining room is WAY better than before. So pretty!!