Monday, March 26, 2012

Thirty- Three

Today I am thirty- three.
Here are thirty- three things I love about my life-
 in no particular order:
1. My God- I am blown away by the love He has lavished on me by choosing me to be His child.
2. Jesus Christ- God's wrath deserved for me was placed on His Son when He shed His blood on the cross. Then, His Holiness was transfered to me. What a glorious exchange of which I am so unworthy!
3. My husband- God blessed me abundantly when he allowed Mark to choose me as a wife. I often feel like I got the better end of the deal:) 
4. Sophia and Arianna- my firstborn twins! I LOVE having twin girlies and they make me smile, laugh, challenge me, and are beautiful little girls inside and out! 
5. Ella- Oh, Ella, there is so much I can say about this little girl who steals my heart with her big eyes and sweet little smile! She is spunky and loves that we are "twins".
6. Elijah- God knew I wanted a boy so badly and I couldn't ask for a better one- he gives the best kisses and hugs and I LOVE his little dimple on his right cheek:) 
7. My out of town family- they are all over the USA and I am so grateful for the phone calls, visits and love they send from afar! I miss you all so very much! 
8. My "in-law" family- they really are the best and I love them all so much- I am so blessed! Sunday lunches are something I look forward to every week- good times! The love they show my children and us is so special.
9. My church family- they hold such a special place in my heart... the bond we have in Christ is awesome! They are some of my very best friends. 
10. Our community group- they challenge me to be honest and a follower of Christ and they make me laugh:) especially Ada:)
11. Our home- it is a place I feel most myself, a place I can relax in, a place that is filled with love
12. Food- If you know me at all you know that I really like to eat- most anything- food is the best! 
13. our minivan because it transports all of us around town and its paid off!!!! whohoo! 
14. God's Word- it is a wealth of rebuke, encouragement, inspiration... it shows me Christ and His love for me! 
15. Books- I really like to read a lot- mostly fiction and theology books
16. Valor- its where my husband is employed and it enables me to stay at home (I've been a stay at home mom for the past 6 years and I realize that is such a HUGE blessing and something I do not take for granted) 
16. Pinterest- face it- its just cool:) 
17. My blog- Its fun and I love to be a small part of the blogging world! 
18. Music- I love music- music that focuses my mind on Christ- and music that is just plain fun! And I love to sing at the top of my lungs in the car! The kids like it too- or so I think:) 
19. My Kindle- it enables me to bring a "book" anywhere I go. Thats cool.
20. Coffee
21. Hopkins Elementary- my twins school- and especially all their teachers so far- Mrs. Johnson, Miss Stephansen and Mrs. Sustr- you have inspired them to love learning! 
22. Target- who doesnt just love walking the aisles of Target
23. The Office- one of my all time favorite shows
24. Prayer- its amazing that anytime, anywhere I can talk to my Father for things that are on my heart.
25. All Spiritual blessings - super cool that because of Christ, I have access to every spiritual blessing in Christ Jesus! Blows my mind! Ephesians 1:3- and that those blessings include trials and things that prove my faith is real! 
26. my kiddos friends- they really have a great group of friends that they enjoy being with
27. Our friends- leaving Massachusetts was one of the hardest things because of the close friendships we had there but God has blessed us with numerous friends who we can share our lives with, who encourage me to love Christ and who are just fun to be around! 
28. Technology- I like it.
29. Denver- its really nice to live in Colorado. The scenery is beautiful and the weather is wonderful.. I really like it here! And I love living in the city:) everything is so close! 
30. Facebook- it keeps me connected to so many wonderful friends from elementary, highschool, college and beyond! 
31. Babysitters- really, I am so thankful for the many teenagers, family and friends who watch my children for free so that my husband and I can enjoy time away! SO GRATEFUL! 
32. Date Nights- oh yes! 
33. For 33 years on this earth- every breath I take is a gift from God! 

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