Monday, July 22, 2013

My twins are growing up.

My sweet twins turned 9 years old. 
Nine years ago, I became a mother and started an amazing journey. 
I remember being so nervous packing those two little humans
into our car and driving towards home. 
Walking in the door with two little lives dependent on me was an overwhelming feeling.

That first year of being a mom was rough. 
I made many mistakes. I was tired. I was living life in a blur. 
But all the sleepless nights, dirty diapers, crying babies and chaos was totally worth it 
as I watched my little girls grow and change. 

As my twins become more and more independent with age, 
its a great feeling but also a great responsibility. 
I cherish the awesome conversations we have around the gospel 
and how it works itself out into every day life.

I feel the weight of "redeeming the time". 
To instruct them in wisdom. 
To point them to Christ. 
To share with them the Gospel daily. 
To saturate them with truth from God's Word. 
To have conversations about a spirit filled life. 
To show them by example the difference the Gospel makes.

I know I am incapable of doing all this but for Christ!  
As I am in the Word, 
as I am filled with the spirit, 
as I am living and meditating on the Gospel daily- 
 these truths will flow out of me.   

There are many different seasons of motherhood, 
and I pray that through them all,
Christ will be exalted and lifted high! 
I pray that my girls always cherish Christ above all else. 


Barb Lando said...

Oh my word you girls are gorgeous. I still cont believe you both are 9 already. Mark & chas what a blessing you both are raising those 4 precious children <3

Barb Lando said...
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