Friday, July 12, 2013

We're Not Too Chicken To Dress Like Cows! Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-Fil-A!

 We love Cow Appreciation Day! 
Every year, I spend a long time cutting out black dots for our 6 t-shirts and tape them on. 
I make the 6 paper ear headbands and 6 signs. 
Thats a lot of preparing (every year)
Then as we are traveling to our destination, 
ears fall off, 
signs get ripped, 
spots litter the car floor. 
Not fun.

So, this year I got smart and made shirts and ears 
that we will be able to use for many years to come. 

I found tanks at the goodwill for $1 and washed them and 
then spray painted ($2) cow spots on each t-shirt 
(make sure to put newspaper under the first layer of the shirt
 or it will bleed into the back of the shirt) 
Let them dry overnight.
Super easy

For the cow ears, I found an ear template and cut out 12 ears out of white felt.
I hot glued black spots on them.
Then I gathered the bottom of the ear and did a quick cinching stitch, 
to make them have a little depth rather then laying flat.
Then hot glued them to head bands. 
Mark refused to wear a headband (not sure why!) 
so I just safety pinned his ears to his Rockies hat.
This step took more time but was easily accomplished 
while watching a few reruns of The Office! 

I have yet to wash the shirts after spray painting them, so I hope they wash well.
But overall, I am very happy with the little bit of extra work it took 
to make costumes that can easily be pulled out year after year for 
Cow Appreciation Day. 

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