Monday, July 1, 2013

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party for Elijah's 5th Birthday

Elijah turned 5 and wanted to celebrate with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! 
We did a combined party at the park with his friend Tytan who turned 4.

 No TMNT Party would be complete without the turtles favorite food- PIZZA! 

 My friend Ashlie made edible slime and chocolate pretzel numb-chucks for favors. Totally cool! 
We purchased the printables from an etsy shop called Beans and Rice.

I got the boys matching shirts from Walmart. (they are actually pajamas and came with boxers to match) I really liked the "old school" turtle look rather then the newer version. 

 We also planned a water balloon fight and the kids LOVED it! 
Boys vs. Girls

It was a very fun party (despite the rain sprinkles) 
and was even more fun since I got to plan it with my dear friend, Ashlie! 
We are getting very close to being done throwing big birthday partys:) 
We told the kids we would celebrate with parties until they turned 6.
(was going to be 5 but we like to include school friends from Kindergarten) 
Then for birthdays after 6, they can invite a friend or two/three over 
to do something fun or have a sleepover, etc. 
So, one more for Elijah and we are done! 
(Till 16- then they can help plan and pay for that party!) 

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