Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Roxborough Park Family Hike

Last Friday, we went hiking in Roxborough State Park. 
The red rock formations were AWESOME! 
We hiked 2.3 miles on the Fountain Valley Trail.

 The kids named the rock formation on the left, the Elephants ear. 
 We have a pretty awesome Creator! Breathtakingly beautiful! 

 Sophia was "sketching" as she walked. 

 We took 2 huge things of water but since it was near 100 that day and we hiked in the afternoon (big mistake) we ran out of water and the last leg of the trip was miserable. 
The kids usually don't complain when hiking but this hike was a different story. 
We learned our lesson and the water at the visitors center never tasted so good! 

 We hiked 2 and a half miles and then, 20 feet away from the car, Ella fell and skinned her knee.
Love that girl! 

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