Friday, March 28, 2014

I'm in a whole new {age bracket} now.

So you know on most surveys, how you have to fill in that little dot at the end saying what age you are. Well, the standard age divisions are 18-24, 25-34 and now, one that I have come to know 35-44!! Last Wednesday I moved into that third age bracket. Yes, I turned 35!

The kids are on Spring Break. I am still working but took the day off for some birthday celebration!
 (I really like birthdays!) 
We visited Voodoo Doughnuts in Denver. 
There are two other locations in the US and 3 months ago, they came to Denver. Apparently, they are AMAZING! That's the word on the street. So we went around 10am during a work week on a Wednesday morning and there was a line out the door. After 40 minutes, we got to taste first hand the voodoo magic that's supposedly in these doughnuts:) They were VERY yummy and the best doughnut I think I've ever had but I probably won't go back until the hype has died down. (although the cashier was saying that the store in Portland still has lines out the door and they've been open over a year! These stores are open 24 hours,too- the cashier said that they slow down right after the bars close around 2am but then pick right back up around 5am!!!! She said during the day there has always been a line- and they've been open for 3 months in Denver- 24 hours a day! crazy! )

Here is a sampling of our sweet donuts! Can anyone say SUGAR RUSH! 
The kids all wrote me very large posters and hung them on the walls. very sweet:) 
Sophia's message
All the kids signed this 
Arianna's note- I think she has a future as a card writer:) 

Elijah's : "Dear Mom, I love you 200 and billion much" 
Ella drew me a turkey family- not sure the meaning there:) At least us adult turkeys are kissing:)
 We had planned to go hiking up in the mountains but the day before, Mark was playing baseball with the kids and half the neighborhood kids came out to play:) He was chasing Palmer (a fast 5th grade boy) and rolled his ankle very badly. It swelled up and was all bruised. So, needless to say, hiking wasn't on his radar for my birthday.
So, we just chilled at home. I ate leftover homemade Chinese food from the night before's Missional Community Group. They had Oreo ice cream cake for me, too! Awesome group of people and they know how to cook! Chinese has been my main staple this week- Doug and Tina ordered Chinese for me at work to celebrate my birthday and Doug bought me a cherry pie. It was awesome! I feel very loved:)

So, after eating a lot (which I love to do) Mark and I went on a date later that afternoon, thanks to the awesome McClish family, who babysat the kiddos. We went and saw the movie Divergent. I have read the series and was dying to see the movie and it didn't disappoint. I loved it! Then we went to dinner at Breckenridge Brewery off of I-25 and 6th. It was such a fun night and 35 feels great. Although from the picture below I may need botox around my eyes soon! (just kidding)
I have honestly really liked my 30's. It's been my favorite decade of adulthood. The kids are all older and it's been so much easier than when they were all so little. I love that we can have deeper conversations about so much and they are so much more self sufficient. I feel more confident in who I am, especially in the Gospel. I feel like Mark and my relationship has gotten so much better in every way. I truly love this stage of life and look forward to it getting better and better as the years roll on:)

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