Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sophia's Black Eye

 Two weeks ago, Sophie was playing baseball with Dad and the kids. She is looking forward to playing softball in the summer and is starting to practice now since her season starts when Mark is in Africa, and I know nothing about sports and am scared to death of the softball (the fear stemming from high school with a horrible swollen ankle from a softball while running to first base) 

Well, Elijah was up to bat and Mark hadn't quite gotten to the tip about not throwing your bat once you hit the ball. Elijah got a perfect hit and threw the metal bat which connected with the side of the catcher's face, which happened to be Sophia. It was horrible. She cried for a good 2 hours. Mark took her to Jamba Juice to stop the sobbing and it helped. 
Her black eye took well over a week to go away. 

Day One- just a huge knot! 
Day Two
Day Three

Day Four

Day Five
Day Six

 Day Seven 

Day Eight- I LOVE this picture!!! Her smile and eyes are just totally her! 

She's all better now and both she and Elijah learned a very important lesson about baseball. 
Poor Elijah felt so bad and was so embarrassed that he hurt her. 

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