Monday, March 3, 2014

Salida Mountain Getaway

 We were able to get away this past Friday to Sunday. We went to our friend Dan and Sarah's cabin in Salida. We are always on the hunt for good food and found this yummy BBQ and Burger place in Canon City. It should be on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives- SOOO good! 

 We spent most of the weekend relaxing at the cabin. No technology. No internet. A GREAT break!  

 Mark and I read a ton. The kids played with the Connolly's legos a ton. 
And we played a ton of board games. We played a game of CLUE where Ari won fair and square. It's pretty cool when that starts to happen- real competition is fun! 
 We had a fire going constantly and roasted S'mores every night. 

 On Saturday, we did go into Salida for the afternoon. We swam at Salida's Hot Spring Pool. The whole pool is indoors and fed entirely by hot spring water. They filter it so it doesn't have that sulfur smell but it is PLENTY hot- they said it comes in at around 99 degrees. The whole pool is like a hot tub. I loved it. The say it is the largest Hot Spring Pool in the country.

The girls loved doing flips off the diving board. It made me so nervous.

We then walked around Salida and ate at Amica's. GREAT restaurant! I think Salida is one of my most favorite mountain towns. We also went to Buena Vista on the way home but it didn't have anything on Salida. The shops are so fun, the food is amazing and its just such a cool town. 

Every time we go to the cabin, we take a picture here. The mountains are just gorgeous! 
Lots of wildlife! 
 We ate lunch on the way home at this Mexican place. It's right by Buena Vista- don't ever go there. 
Denver's Mexican food is 1,000 times better than this place! 

Overall, it was a great trip and so very relaxing. I think I enjoy going in the summer better since I love hiking in the mountains but this was a great trip to just chill and relax.

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