Monday, May 12, 2014

Hopkins Has Talent : 2014 Talent Show

My kiddos participated in their first Talent Show at Hopkins last Friday. 
I was SOOOO proud of them! 
There were around 400 people that they performed in front of and they performed beautifully. 
They got cool medals at the end. 
Ella and her friend, Ayla, decided to do a gymnastics routine 
and they choreographed it all by themselves. It was awesome. Ella was cracking me up- she added in those jumps while she hula hooped at the last minute.

 Sophia and Arianna sung "Let's Get Together" from the Parent trap.
 They did great. 


Christine said...

Loved the videos. They were really cute. They all did such a great job.

Julie Hall said...

So fun!!!!