Saturday, May 10, 2014

Hopkins Hoedown Spring Dance

 The Hopkins Hoedown is complete! This has been my "baby" for the past month. Every year we have a spring dance and it is usually in the building. I proposed the idea of doing it outside. And decided to chair the dance which means it was my job to organize and execute. SO many people helped pull it off and the weather was just beautiful! It was such a fun night!  

 We had around 400 people show up! There were 15 carnival games and a yummy BBQ dinner. 

Our community group was awesome and several families 
showed up to help and get to know our Hopkins friends.

 Lots of fun dancing:) 

we had a chicken drop where we had a large grid. People bid on squares and if the chicken pooped in your square, you won a $50 Pancake House gift card. It was a big success. 

 We also did a "cream" Mr. Winger and Mr. Hermanson. 
Elijah's name got randomly drawn and he loved it! 

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