Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween 2015 and Boo Ball Fun

 Halloween was a smash! 
Love that my kiddos still love to dress up and trick or treat. 

 Sophia was a glamorous, colorful witch.
 Elijah and our foster kiddo represented Star Wars well- 
Darth Vader and ObiOne

 Ari wanted a touch of gore this year- so she went with a killer joker. 

 And my sweet Ella was hermione from Harry Potter. 
her books actually opened and she out her candy in them:) 

We spent the afternoon/evening with Mark's sister and parents. 
It was fun trick or treating in a new neighborhood. 

 We also stopped by our friends annual black and white party and as soon as the kids walked in the door a Storm Trooper was standing there- the boys drew out their light sabers and started attacking- it was hilarious! 

The Boo Ball was Friday night... This year, the twins were able to help out with the Boo Ball 
and they did a great job working hard and running games. 

our awesome new principal Mrs. Case
Our Missional Community Group volunteered at the event- these are the Sound of Music girls 

 It was a packed out event! 

 We do a SPAZ attack every year and draw names of kids to SPAZ the principal- this year, Mrs. Case went all out letting us turn her into a human sundae! 

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