Friday, November 6, 2015

My parents visit Colorado

 It was SOO wonderful to have my mom and step-dad come visit us for a few days in September! 
We had such a lovely visit and enjoyed every second of it! 
We took them to Daniel's park to see the amazing views of the mountains at sunset. 

 We also went up to Idaho Springs and hiked St. Mary's Glacier. 
Mom and I shopped in the little town and we all ate at 
Beau Jo's Pizza- a Colorado must-experience restaurant.  

SNOW on the glacier! 

Mom and I did some shopping on Old Main Street in Littleton- SO FUN! 

We also stopped by Red Rocks to see the views! 

 It was sad seeing them go. Thanks, Mom and Tim, for a great visit! 
Come back SOON!!! 

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