Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Miller Farms and Westernaires Horse Show

My friend, Erika, has told me many times about Miller Farm but I have never been until this year. We had school off for parent conferences and with 5 kids at home all day for an extra long weekend- I knew I had to find something to do with them or be driven crazy! So, my friend Michelle, suggested Miller Farms and I was in. It took about an hour to get there. They have this awesome "junk yard" with old airplanes and cool rubber pits that the kids can play on- my kids all loved it, especially the boys! They could have played there all day. Admission was a bit steep but since there was a big group of us they gave us the group rate of $8 per kid picking 1 bag of produce on the farm. Since I wanted a bit more produce, I paid $15 for myself and I got to pick 5 bags of produce. 
So altogether it was $55 for 10 bags of freshly picked veggies. 

 We headed out on a tractor and spent the next 2 and 1/2 hours in the fields picking veggies. they drove us to each field and stopped (maybe about 4 times) while we all got out and picked. 

It was extremely hard work to get all the veggies out of the ground. 
We were tired, thirsty and SOOO dirty! 
But a cool experience nonetheless about where we get our food. 
This particular farm was pesticide free and all organic which was pretty cool.
The work didn't stop there. Once we got home, we had to organize, clean and sort every piece. Which took a while. It certainly didn't start out looking as pretty as the picture below.
Then I processed it. I blanched the corn, green beans and beets and then froze them. 
I cooked the 7 pumpkins and pureed them. 
The whole time I was working I was thinking of how beautiful a picture of the gospel this whole process was. We are so covered and dirty with sin and its hard to see our true beauty of who we were created to be. But God starts the process of cleaning us up here on earth and will some day restore us and all of creation and we will see how beautiful we were meant to be- not marred and dirtied by sin but completely whole and perfect before the Father! Pretty awesome stuff! 
Who knew gardening could be so spiritual:) ha! 

 We did save 5 pumpkins to carve- 
The kids did a great job and the squirrels ate them the very next day. 

 Another great highlight this fall, was being given free tickets to the horse show! It was amazing!
 Thanks to Collaborative Foster Care for the free tickets! 

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