Saturday, November 7, 2015

Staying Fit: Hop-A-Thon, Fun Run and Powell Track

I love that our schools have many outlets to promote health and fitness with our kiddos! 
 Hop-A-Thon 2015
 PTO sponsored event that raised around $11,000 this year for our school! 

 Fun Run 2015
Our Hopkins kiddos run up the hill to Twain Elementary and then we all run back together. 
The PTO buys a Hopkins T-shirts for every kid in the school- just LOVE this tradition! 

 Our PE teacher runs this event for the school. 
 Powell Track and Field

 The twins signed up for this after school and I was so proud of them for trying! 
Can't even believe they could jump over those hurdles. 
 long jump

100 meter dash 
Love that they are growing up with lots of exercise! 

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