Friday, January 22, 2016

December Happenings {Catching up Post: Part 1}

Catching up from the month of December because it was a whirlwind of a month! Our foster kiddo was reunified with his family(after 4 months of being with us)  a week before Christmas and we were SO very happy for him! He did get to help decorate the tree, so we were happy to be able to share a little bit of Christmas with him before he left!

The kids got to do some ice skating at Southglenn which they loved.

 We started our book advent to count down to Christmas! 

We had some nice snow in December and I got to go with Elijah to the Littleton Historical Museum on a field trip. It was actually really cool to go in December. It was so pristine and looked so authentic with the freshly fallen snow! 

The kids and Mark got to go to The Parade of Lights downtown 
with our missional community group.
(I was home with our little foster guy who was sick) 

 The girls and I went to The Denver Flea which was this VERY cool small business warehouse- the coolest thing ever. I was in love. 
 The twins Girl Scout troop helped throw a fun Christmas community event at the Grange. 

 After the party, we took the kids to see some nearby lights. 
 I got to go with Ella's 3rd grade class to the Denver Art Museum. Good times. 

 The kids typed up this awesome Christmas list that I never want to forget! 
We had to say goodbye to our mice (very sad day) 
and got a new hamster which the children named, Dr. Calico
 We made Christmas cookies and delivered them to all our neighbors. 

Stay tuned for the last half of December in my next post.....

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