Sunday, January 24, 2016

December Happenings: Santa/Starbucks/Lights and More Parties {Catching Up Post: Part 3}

Every year, we make our annual trip to Southglenn to see Santa
 (it's free. We would never pay to see him), 
get some Starbucks drinks and hit up the best lighted houses in our area in our PJS.  
(this year, Soph was too old) 
The kids crack me up with Santa. 
Ella just laughs and tells him he isn't real
 and the rest go along with it- they think its fun. 

 We went to all our favorite light spots while sipping Starbucks! 
Fun night! 

 We had a fun Book Club dinner visiting with my
dear friend, Sarah, who was up visiting from Oregon.

Our friends, The Lees, threw a fancy dinner party 
for our neighborhood friends. It was spectacular! 
And another reason to dress up is A-Okay in my book! 

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