Saturday, January 23, 2016

December Happenings: Recitals, Parties, Caroling, Girl Scout Bridging, Sledding {Catching Up Post: Part 2}

 Ari and Ella had a little recital at a friend's house. They did just awesome! 

The twins had their second band concert on the same night that Mark and I  had his fancy work party, so our sweet friend Andrew watched the kids so we could go. It was SO impressive that this single guy got 5 kids out the door to the concert on time and back! We were so grateful. 

 We had our Sola Elder/Deacon Christmas party which is always a blast! 

 We went in with a few other friends and bought half of a cow and let me tell you we have tons of beef and got it incredibly cheap and it tastes AMAZING! I made Holiday Steak Bruschetta and it was SO good. Search Pinterest for the recipe! You won't be sorry. 
Our dear friends, the Anderson's, kept the kiddos overnight and they didn't want to come home! 

We had our annual MC Christmas caroling night. It was cold but fun!  

 We got to warm up inside at a few nursing home spots! 

 Had a great time sledding with friends at a nearby park after a snowfall. 

 Mark and I won tickets to see White Christmas at a local theatre- GREAT date night:) 

 Making Christmas ornaments and brunch at the Daniel's house.

 The twins bridged from Cadettes to Juniors 
in Girl Scouts and earned their Bronze community service award. 

Stay tuned for more December happenings..... 
(man,we were busy! Now can you see what I haven't blogged in forever! ) 

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