Friday, August 6, 2010

Parties Galore!

So many birthdays in July!! It starts with Elijahs, moves to our good friend Clara's, then its the twins turn, then its Aunt Tinas, then its Grandpa's, then its our other good friend Maddies.... its SO busy!! 
But aren't parties fun!
I have thrown a party for every one of my 4 children every new year of their lives. I told the girls when they hit 7, we will play it a bit more low- key and they can have a friend or 2 over for a sleepover and a fun trip somewhere special. 4 big parties a year gets a bit crazy!! 

These pics are from our friend Clara and Maddies party this summer. 
We love these two kiddos! 
I have made countless cakes this summer- I will be posting pics of them soon! I think I will dedicate a whole post to cakes:) And I still need to put up pics of the twins party- it was a blast!
So happy that "Party Month" is over!!!!

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Erika said...

I'm glad it's over, too. Although you had two more birthdays than I had. :)