Saturday, July 2, 2011

Birthday Celebrations: Part 1

 Elijah turned 3!
 We celebrated with our traditional birthday breakfast complete with candles, 
chocolate chip pancakes, balloons, Elmo game, and presents from mom and dad.
Zabrina and Tytan joined in the fun!

 For his birthday dinner, Grandma threw a party for the birthday boy! 
All the family joined Elijah in celebrating...

yummy food from Boston Market

A Buzz Light Year Pinata was a BIG hit- no pun intended!


this cake was the WORST cake I have ever made- it was falling apart and ugly!
Elijah liked it though:) and it tasted pretty yummy

Cannot believe my little guy is already 3!!! 

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Beth said...

Your BABY! I can't believe it. That pic of him w his cake is so cute. If that's your worst cake ever I hope you NEVER see my cakes ;)