Sunday, July 10, 2011


loved seeing all the guys working on the grill

my camera was almost dead at this point

friendly competition

relaxed conversations

lots of kiddos playing


trying to teach the kids bocci ball
Fireworks at Miss Megans

Homemade ice cream to finish the night off- YUM!
We had a wonderful HOT 4th of July- BBQing with friends and watching fireworks!
I was burnt from swimming that morning- it was near 100!
Special shout out to the Mondragons for a wonderful party!
We also got VIP treatment for fireworks at Megan's house too:)

SO thankful for the men and woman who have sacrificed and are sacrificing 
so I can enjoy SO many blessings as an American! 
Also SOOO very thankful for the freedom from the bondage of sin 
that God has given me through the sacrifice of His son, Christ!  
I am blessed, indeed!

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Beth said...

That pic of you and Mark is adorable! You're sooo cute, Chas. I look at pics of you and think you haven't changed one bit. I feel like we're still those 2 old friends from N-land days. It's fun to "share" our families across the miles through blogging. So glad we're still "friends". :)