Monday, July 11, 2011

Review of Summer Reading Programs for local friends

Every summer, I sign my kids up for MANY reading programs because reading is SO good for them and they enjoy it and you score lots of freebies! Thought I would jot down the programs we have done so far and the rewards so you can see if you would like to still participate- most programs run through  the end of July/beginning of August and there are very easy requirements that can be met in like a week at our house if your kids like to read or you like to read to them! I am So grateful because we live in a very good spot seeing as we are within 15 minutes of all these counties! P.s. You do not need to be a resident of the county to participate and you dont even have to have a library card there from what I could tell! And you can finish the whole reading sheet and get all the prizes at once if you want- it seems easier that way to me! And I usually try to sign up my younger two in the older kids program- they usually give you the option and there are a lot more prizes for the older option rather than the infant one! And as always their are expiration dates on these FREE coupons- most are good through at least September and some even through December~

broken up in 3 sets of 6 books each, so a total of 18 books for all these prizes....
Set 1- backpack usually from the Rockies
Set 2- FREE Elitches Amusement Park ticket or a free book (Last year we got 4 free tickets for all 4 kids and (Ella was free because she was 3) andwe did not take Elijah because he was so little. They let us use the 2 extra tickets for Mark and I so it was a FREE day at the park!)
Set 3- Free book

Engelwood Library- not part of a county- its located off of Hampden and Santa Fe
broken up into 3 sections with 5 books each (total of 15 books)
Set 1- Free pass to Belleview Farm and a free admission to the Engelwood rec center (we will use this to go swimming there when its cold outside)
Set 2- Free pass to Cornerstone mini Golf and a free pass to Skate City
Set 3- Free bowl of Noodles (any size and with meat!) from Noodles and Company and a Free Burrito from Chipotle

Bemis Library- not part of a county but of of Caley Littleton Ave
This is the hardest out of them all but it goes pretty quickly..
3 different record sheets with 6 hours on each broken up into 15 minute segments
Set 1- Free Applebees kids meal, free bowling, free book, free chickfila meal
Set 2- Free Lakeside passes, Free Cornerstone mini golf pass, Free Ice Skating pass, Free Skate City Pass
Set 3- Free Fazolis Kids meal, Free ice cream at Freddys, Free Texas Roadhouse kids meal, Little trinket prize
For those of you with smaller kids, they do have a 3 and under program that is much less reading and gives you a free bowl of noodles from Noodles and Company and a free ice cream from freddys and a free book!

Let me know if you have any questions!
Tomorrow, I will do Douglas County and Arapahoe County for you!
I have yet to decide if we will do Jefferson County- its a bit farther than 15 minutes for us!
 Happy Reading!!


~Abbey~ said...

do you have to read separate books for each of these different programs or do you read lets say 6 books and count it for all of them? Clayton's school record can be combined with our library. If you have B&N near you, they do a promo for 6 books then you get a free book.

Chastity Gomez said...

I do a mix of that- for the one library, its a total of 18 hours of reading so I let them count any book they read towards that one- but the other 2 libraires, they read different books for each contest. and I will have to stop by Barnes and nobles for that freebie! Thanks!