Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I'm Still Here

Summer has been rolling by quite quickly! 
I have neglected the blogging and Facebooking world (a little) to play out in the sun,
 swim, watch movies, read books, visit libraries and splash pads, etc. 
It is nice to not be so tied to technology:) although I havent abandoned it altogether:) 

Mark has been teaching 2 hours of summer school a day and tutoring and web designing, so he has kept busy too- pretty soon, he will return to full time work and the "schedule" of fall will be back in place! I like schedules- it makes life easier- the kids know what to expect and the days just flow better. I am SO grateful for all the extra work Mark does in the summer because that means extra cash and that is SO helpful! Especially since he is paying for me to go to San Diego to get a little break for 4 days with my friend Megan! I wish REALLY Mark and I could go together but its hard leaving 4 kids with family or other people- and its more expensive when 2 people go on vacation! SO... I will be leaving on Tuesday to go to the OCEAN with my dear friend Megan! I am SOOO excited! I dont know the last time I swam in the ocean- probably at least 4 yrs ago when we lived in Massachusetts. I LOVE the ocean! I love listening to the waves, the taste of salt in the air, the boardwalk, the piers, the sand and shells, the seagulls (well, maybe not the seagulls) and dont forget the food! I have stalked out my favorite bloggers to find out all the yummy places to eat and have compiled quite the list! I printed out a "schedule" for my vacation- listing all the places we want to go to on each day and where we want to eat those days too- good thing Megan is not a "fly by the seat of your pants" kinda girl because she loved my schedule:) We are kindred spirits!

The weather here in Denver has been CRAZY- 
very HOT and not a dry heat like normal but a muggy heat- its not fun! 
We do get rain almost every night and that does cool things off quite a bit, which is nice! 

Another exciting development is the purchase of a new DSLR camera- we are planning to get it hopefully by the end of July and I cannot wait to start using it (I have been without a camera for almost 2 weeks hence the lack of blogging- I REALLY like pictures with my posts for some strange reason) I am planning on taking some classes to understand how to fully utilize all the many features on this fancy camera! They have some at local camera shops and even the rec center! Mark is in charge of picking out the camera since he knows a lot about them and I have no idea- so I am not sure what the exact model is but he has been scouring the internet to find the best deal~

My blog is also getting a makeover which I am very stoked about! I found a girl who does blog designing and the unveiling of my new blog will hopefully be in August! I think you will love it! I certainly like what she has done so far! Exciting stuff! 

Another bit of exciting news- my twins turn 7 tomorrow!!!!! Where has the time gone? I may just cry looking back through all the old pictures of them as babies and toddlers. My hands were SO full back then and I must say they have turned into such lovely young ladies 
who I am very proud of and love even more with each passing year! 

I will leave you with some mini-golf pictures! It was fun- it was free and we wont do it again till next summer! Competition was lacking so we basically just hit the balls around without keeping score! 
Not my favorite way to play minigolf but, the kids loved it...

 Sophia scored a hole in one- it was legit too! 

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