Thursday, July 21, 2011


 Seems like yesterday we were in Massachusetts partying it up with friends and family
 for the twins 1st birthday celebration!
We had our ladybug party at the Booths and had 
SO many people show up to shower the twins with love!!
 How we miss SO many of our old friends! 
Can you tell which twin is in pink and which is in green? 

 Had to throw this one in of Addie Doan! 

Here we are 7 years later celebrating with Sophia and Arianna 
at their 7th BirthdayButterfly Bash! 

 We had a bunch of school friends come over along with a few other close 7 year olds 
and we had 16 altogether! It was a tad crazy!
 I had a coloring contest to keep them all quite for a while- it definitely helped!  

 My little babies have certainly grown up into pretty amazing little girls who each have their own personality and spunk! They have matured SO much from 6 to 7 and are BIG helps around the house and are growing more responsible every day! They have a heart that loves God and I am SO encouraged by their desire to know more about Him and His Word. I pray every day that their little hearts would continue to hunger after spiritual things and that God would draw them to himself! 

Special thanks to Erika for letting me use her camera since mine was broken!
P.S. We have a new camera!!!! 
It is beautiful and I am SO enjoying playing with it and discovering all it can do! 
I will post more pictures tomorrow of the continuing celebrations:) 

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