Friday, December 9, 2011

Cameras Ready!

MY sweet little Ella had her first Christmas preschool performance last night and all I could think about was how fast she is growing up! She is a beautiful little girl who LOVES to perform! She wasnt afraid in the slightest and sang her little heart out! 

 We were so thankful to have little Julianna there to watch!

 As well as Aunt Emy, Avery, Alex, Grandma and Grandpa! 

 Ella loves her teachers- Miss Debbie and Miss Pam! 

 The twins also had a little Christmas performance a week ago at Southglenn- a bit more casual:) 
They sang in front of a roaring fire while little white lights twinkled above! 
We were so glad that Grandma could come to watch! 

 Of course, we had to get a little Mellow Mushroom pizza in for dinner- YUM! 
ONe more performance to go- all of them- even Lij, will sing at church next week! 
They are dressing up as angels and shepherds! 

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