Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dino Craze!

Last week we went to the Museum of Nature and Science for their free day and they had the COOLEST dino exhibit! They had 3 dinos that moved, breathed, roared, blinked, followed your movements... it was fascinating! Elijah and Ella were mesmerized! I was too- we stayed a good long time just watching them- Elijah keeps asking when we are going back to see the dinosaurs!

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~Abbey~ said...

we had this exhibit here at the museum several years ago. Clayton was about 3 or 4... it was DARK and the dinos were lit up and the first ting you saw when you opened the door was a T-Rex staring at you -his head moving back and forth raoring so loud and smoke coming out of the volcano in the back ground. Hunter was here and he and Clayton stood there at the door with wide eyes and said- "we are NOT going in there, we will get eaten!" LOL