Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Out-takes- Merry Christmas!

A few weeks ago, we had a photo shoot outside with the tripod and the pics turned out great although we didnt use any of these for our Christmas card- they are a tad blurry because of the lighting- it was very low. But I sure have some cute kiddos! 
I made the girls skirts and brooches for the picture and they turned out really cute:)
I have been busy crafting away these days- its fun! 
I am about 80% done Christmas shopping- which is great! 

Mark has one last week of classes and his final is on Friday and the poor guy is almost done! He has to be there all next week to proctor exams and have meetings but it will be GREAT because he will be stress free seeing as his classes are done. He has been having tons of study sessions at night over at Solid Grounds and we barely see him but its okay because it will soon be over! YEAH!!!

Ella's preschool program is this week on Thursday night and she is bursting with excitement! I am too- I cant wait to see her sing her little heart out on stage! This is her first big performance in her life:)

We had our annual Ladies Coffee Jewelry Swap today- it was so fun! I just love our ladies! 
And we have some pretty cute babies too!
Speaking of babies, I get to see little Knox tomorrow and I am SOOOOOO excited!
 Little newborns are just precious! 

Off to keep sewing! 
Happy Tuesday! 


Jessica Gardner said...

wow! I love the pictures. the outfits were so cute too!
What is the coffee jewelry swap thing about? I'm interested :)

Chastity Gomez said...

Jess, we get together 2 times a month on a Tuesday to drink coffee, have yummy snacks and let the kids play! Around Christmas we do a jewelry swap- its fun! You are more than welcome to join us! How far are you from Denver- although we are more in the Littleton area! It would be great to meet you!

Michelle said...

Ok...way crazy, ladies! It gives me {happy} chills to see a good friend {from my past} connecting with a good friend {from my recent present}!! How cool is it that you BOTH live in CO??? Such a small world! {if you DO meet each other...you HAVE to promise me that you'll make a paper-doll that looks like me so I can pretend I'm with you two!! LOL!} LOVE you both and MISS you both SO SO much!!!