Thursday, December 22, 2011

Its beginning to {LOOK} a lot like Christmas

We woke up to around 12 inches of snow this morning! It was beautiful! Colorado should have a white Christmas this year! The kids have been busy inside with puzzles, play dough, moon sand, art contests, Kung Fu Panda 2, and eating! But they were aching to roll around in the fluffy stuff- so Mark took them out to play! I love how rosy their little noses get and how pink their cheeks turn.

Mr. Elijah stayed in- he's had a runny nose and cough this last week. And he really has no desire to frolic in the powdery stuff! You'd think it was summer by the lack of clothing!  Thank goodness we keep it toasty warm in this house! 
 After an hour, they all came in to eat warm raviolis and drink hot tea! Dont you LOVE the pile of soppy clothes us moms get to handle when all the play is done:) Its worth it though since it wears them out! and as an extra bonus you get to kiss those chilly rosy cheeks!!

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