Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Melt my {HEART}

 I am in love with this picture! I LOVE how the sunburst hits the top corner- I love that my little girlies enjoy tromping thru the snow in the woods on our walk home from school! I love the snow! I love the beauty of God's creation! I love that I have children to share it with! I LOVE that I have one little blond girlie who looks like me! I love Colorado! 

 And this little guy CRACKS me up! He is VERY into superheroes right now, especially Wolverine at the moment. We went to the dollar store today to find some bells for the Christmas program at church and Elijah had the hardest time deciding on a knife or a chocolate Santa:) The knife won out:) He now says that his name is Wolverine not Elijah and hasn't put the knife down all day:) 

And just looking at this picture makes me warm and fuzzy! Little Knox was the cutest little bundle of baby I have seen in a while:) SO snuggly- he basically slept in my arms the whole time I was there:) LOVE IT!  He is SO handsome and LONG! He's teeny though! And I even smelled his little head and he had that wonderful newborn smell:) aahh! 
It was a good day! 


anne said...

That top photo is awesome! And I'm MAJORLY jealous of the Knox photo. I NEED to get out there!!
Fun post!

Chastity Gomez said...

You should just fly out for a few days by yourself:) Im sure your hubby could hold the fort:)