Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Better Night

So, I had a REALLY bad day (see previous post) and after a somewhat relaxing naptime, I decided to make Mark a nice dinner to celebrate his first day at school. We decorated the table all pretty and the kids wrote notes for daddy and helped set the table. I cut some sunflowers form the front yard and made a yummy dinner of hot dogs (on the grill),
buttered noodles, baked beans and cantelope.
I really like this meal and so do all the kids so we wouldnt have any problems with them eating dinner since we have a new dinnertime rule about trying everything I make! So, mark was surprised when he got home and we had a yummy meal together!

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Chad said...

it is pretty great to sit down with the family for a meal after a long day...people and things get annoying, but being with your family puts things back into perspective!