Monday, August 31, 2009

My Monday Walgreens Deal

So, I am normally very wary of doing register rewards, etc, so I havent shopped much at Walgreens yet. But, today , I took the plunge and I was pleasantly surprised by the good deals and it wasnt too much work (although I am NOT going with all 4 kids ever again)

I found a website where every Sunday she gives a $5 Walgreens scenario. (you only pay $5 out of pocket and use register rewards and coupons to make this

Her scenario seemed simple enough. After reading it through several times and printing my coupons, I ventured out. Here are a few lessons I learned from my first Walgreens DEAL trip..

lesson #1- dont take kids when you are serious about getting good deals and spending as little as possible. Its too confusing. I ended up with a headache and lots of mean stares.
lesson #2- make sure to check your LOCAL Walgreen sales flyer- 2 of her deals were not in my Walgreens flyer, so I had to improvise with other things making my total spent a litttle more than $5 and I didnt have any register rewards left for next week.
lesson #3- try to get a cashier who is young- I ended up getting this old lady who was very annoyed that I was trying to get all these good deals in 3 separate transactions. I should have gone to the young guy at the next register- I think I would have had better luck!

Overall, it was a good trip and I found 10 items for $7.06. I will use ALL these things, especially the creamer:) Stay tuned, I will let you know how next Monday goes!

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Erika said...

I really like the info in this post. And I would say it doesn't matter if the person is "young" or "older" but definitely check out the cashiers to see who seems "nice." I do that all the time, whether at the grocery store or anywhere else that I'm using coupons.