Tuesday, August 4, 2009

He's Gone...

My dear husband is gone for 3 days on a teacher retreat with Valor. They are staying at some big castle in Colorado Springs. I am a bit jealous. Mark and I were talking about how I cannot remember the last time I have been AWAY from ALL the kids by myself for a few days. I plan to change that hopefully the last weekend of October (Mark has fall break) Any suggestions where and with whom I should go? I was thinking of visiting my friend in WI whom I havent seen since college (5 yrs now?) Mark is good and gives me breaks from the kids so I can go out with friends or go shopping by myself. But I am excited to get away for an extended period of time with no responsibility:) and to RELAX, which I am hoping what mark can do these next 3 days- he deserves it!
p.s. the above pic was taken a few weeks before our lives changed dramatically forever (I had the twins and the rest is history...)

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Mark said...

I don't know if I can sleep alone. I'm so used to having a wife and several kids curled up next to me.

And what ever happened to that t-shirt in the pic. I loved that shirt. I bet that was the last time we slept through the night.