Saturday, August 15, 2009

Summers coming to a Close

I am sorta sad because school starts in 2 weeks and that means summer is over. No more play dates with the twins and their friends, no more taking the twins grocery shopping and hearing everyone fight over seats, no more library with all 4 in tow. It is going to be SO much easier, but sad too with my 2 little "helpers" gone for the morning.
Someone asked me if I'll be a wreck when they start Kindergarten and I quickly replied, "No". But as the time gets closer, I find myself tearing up a bit and
swallowing the little lump that rises in my throat.
I love my twins and really have enjoyed them this summer!

So little Ella and Elijah will have me all to themselves starting
September 1st from 8:00-11:45 am.
I am excited for them.
I am excited for my twins as they start this new adventure of learning!

(we will miss having Maddie over for playdates every week, but she'll be in K5 too!)


Erika said...

I feel about the same way; I know this next step will be good for Madeleine, and she's excited, but it is the beginning of a really long road of school for her. But I get to spend time with just Clara, too, so yay for that!

~Abbey~ said...

i cried somedays all the way til the end of school when i woudl drop Clayton off or pick him up-watching him interact with his friends on so much more mature levels was touching. but now that he has had that kind of schedule and routine and responsibility, summers are fun, but at the end...i am counting down the days til school is back in session! (he starts on August 25)