Saturday, August 1, 2009

Parisian Market Finds

I went to the Parisian market at Aspen Grove and had the best time perusing the aisles looking at anything and everything vintage and antique. I was in taken in by the buttons, linens, pictures, armors, keys, but mostly the jewelery! It was SO fun!
I found all these great treasures- a vintage post card (I am going to use her face to make a pendant like this one... see below)
I also found a spoon that is going on a necklace with a pendant. A black necklace with a cool big round stone on it, a cool round golden circle necklace, a vintage key, a gold owl pin, a toe ring
(not pictured) and a beautiful ring ($1) that looks like it may be real white gold or platinum with 5 diamonds embedded in it.( i am going to get it looked at by a jeweler this week!)
I spent $10 for all these trinkets and think it was a very good deal!
I will post pictures of my soldering pendant project once I collect the materials to do it-
I am definitely going again next month
(Sept 5th- for anyone who wants to join me in my treasure hunting)

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