Friday, September 23, 2011


After one week I am starting to feel  some relief from this disastrous cold! Thank goodness!We had to cut out a lot from our week like volunteering at the girls school and a few playdates. I hate cancelling those things but  I also hate to get other people sick:) 
Just wanted to share a few pictures from our amazing date last Friday to Aria! It was fantastic! It was fancy! It was right up my alley but not Marks! He was a good sport though and humored me!
Aria is located downtown in the Cherry Creek district right next to the mall. The ambiance of the restaurant was tasteful and the wait staff superb. They were very knowledgeable about the menu and saw to our every need without being overbearing. Aria is the sister restaurant to The Opus in Littleton.

We started off with some homemade bread with butter that had this yummy Hawaiin sea salt sprinkled on it.

Our first course was Sauteed Superlump Pecan Crabcakes with a lemon aide sauce and sweet corn relish. It was delish and the lemonaide sauce complimented the sweet crab perfectly.

For the Second course, I enjoyed Goat cheese and Walnut Crusted Chicken Breast with a yummy parsnip puree and warm blueberries and mixed veggies. It was SOOO moist and the goat cheese and blueberries tasted wonderful together. I savored every bite. Of course, it was presented beautifully.

Mark ordered the Bacon Brie Bison Burger and Potato Crisps and I, of course, sampled it and it was delicious! The burger was cooked to perfection and had a nice pink center. And anything that has Brie on it tastes amazing.

And our third course was dessert, we shared the Chocolate Chip Cookie Spring Rolls with fresh berries and a sweet ginger dipping sauce.It was melt in your mouth GOOD! I really loved the gooey chocolate chip center. It was the perfect ending to a perfect meal.

IT was such a fun evening of good food and of course a handsome man by my side!

Special thanks to Marcus and Ashlie for watching the kids and for the gift certificate!
You guys ROCK!
We are so blessed to have you as friends.


QNormal said...

Jenni and I really enjoy those type of restaurants. It makes such a difference when you have a trained chef combining the different elements (all fantastic on their own) in an interesting and thoughtful way. The food at most "family" restaurants is nice, but it is quite the treat to eat at an "chef" restaurant. The ambiance is a big part of it. Have you guys eaten at Opus? That is one about which I have heard good reviews.

Sarah said...

Too bad you didn't go THIS weekend.....there was just a deal for that restaurant on Groupon or Living Social or some site like that. :-)
Looks like you had fun!