Friday, September 16, 2011

Its Friday, Im in Love

First of all, I am in {LOVE} with this little guy-
 he has been so cuddly and sweet lately- just love him!
 He's always kissin me and lovin on me- its the best! 

I am also in {LOVE} with the fact that I get to go on a fancy shmancy date with my hubby tomorrow courtesy of our awesome friends Marcus and Ashlie. We are headed downtown to ARIA restaurant.
I am one lucky girl- 2 dates in 2 weeks- sweet!
Dont know if I told you lately but I {LOVE} my man! 
He's wicked awesome. He melts my heart. 
I could be deserted on a desert island with just him for months and be okay with it! 
he's that awesome!
okay, I better go before you throw up:) 

Have a smashing good weekend everyone! 

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Erika said...

I had to go and listen to that song! :)