Tuesday, September 6, 2011


And much to my utter dislike, this post has no pictures. You see our MAC has the gray screen of death and is waiting for Marks computer genius touch to revive it or at least get the harddrive out so he can put a new one in. (and yes, my pictures were in Iphoto and were not backed up- lets not talk about it or I may throw up) Thats another story for another day.
In the meantime, I am stuck using a laptop which I am very thankful for, but which I am not very good at using. I am not very good at using Picasa either so the bazillion pics I took of Ella starting prechool today are still on the camera and hopefully will come off tonight when Mark shows me how to do it.
All this to say, you are stuck with a pictureless post and most all of you will probably not even read this since no picture accompanies it!
Ella did start preschool today and it was a smashing success- at least for her- my eyes have been filled with tears all day. When did my baby girl grow up? Childhood is flashing by at the speed of light and I for one am not liking it!

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Erika said...

Sometimes it just happens that way. I look at it like this - it's better to blog with no pic than to not post at all. And precious Ella's first day of school today - can't wait to see pictures of that!