Sunday, May 17, 2015


Elijah: So much to say about this guy....
1. He is CRAZY and WILD and loves to be outside. 
2. He eats everything and eats a lot of it. 
3. He is rough with his sisters but gentle with friends. 
4. He has lost no teeth and is just about done with 1st grade. 
5. He loves school and is doing so well. He got pushed up a grade level in math and will be in 3rd grade math next year (Daddy's love of math must be rubbing off) 
6. His favorite things are wrestling, boxing, fighting with Mark. 
7. He plays basketball in the fall (he tried his best but the height thing was a challenge.)  
8. He plays baseball in the summer. 
9. He LOVES Minecraft and dancing with GoNoodle.
10. He LOVEs riding his bike. 
11. He has LONG eyelashes.

 He just had his Art and Music Night and here are some clips..
He nailed his two lines...

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