Friday, May 22, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Week: UP theme

Teacher Appreciation week has come and gone and this year, we went with an "UP" theme. 
We had $400 to spend on 5 days and I was under budget $1! 
Day One: "BATTER UP" 
Parents brought in cupcakes for the teachers and were entered into a cupcake contest 
The winner was Michelle Helm who won a $25 gift card to GiGi's cupcakes. 

 Day Two: "DRINK UP"
For this one, I had different seven-ups and fresh fruits with seltzer water so teachers could muddle their own ingredients and make their own fruity drink. I also printed the "7-UPS of teaching" and got cute paper clips to give away from the dollar store. We served the drinks on plastic champagne flutes.

 Day Three: "WAKE UP" 
We provided a yogurt bar with fresh fruit and granola. 
Peet's Coffee generously donated coffee for the morning! 
LOVE when our community gets involved with recognizing our teachers! 
We had several classes fill out little suns with ways that their teacher brightens up their lives! 

 Day Four: "DRESS UP" 
This was one of my favorite days. Kids were encouraged to dress up and bring in flowers to hand out to their teachers and staff in the school. They really stepped up to the plate! It was beautiful! 
We provided 40 vases and a rose in each one to get the fun started. 
Peet's Coffee also gave us a bunch of complimentary drink coupons to give away too! 

 Day Five: "GIDDY UP"
The last day, we had a BBQ lunch for the teachers. Parents brought in sides, salads and desserts. Texas Roadhouse catered the pulled pork and rolls. It was yummy! 

It was a fun week and there is no way we could adequately spoil the staff 
at Hopkins enough for all they do for our kiddos! 

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