Friday, May 15, 2015

Science Fair 2015

We have been doing Science Fair projects since the 1st grade with the kiddos and I am proud to say after all these years, the twins had it down- how to decorate the board, what info to include, etc.. 
Science Fair projects are always better with 2 people, so we paired everyone up and a few days before they were due, executed them. Thank goodness for the internet! 
Maggie and Ari make a small battery out of a lemon. It worked to power a small Christmas light.  

JJ and Soph got a scale and measured the grams of sugar in popular kid food items. They then had a form where you could guess which sugar item and which bag matched. 
Orange juice was shocking!
Guess who helped Lij and Ella? 
They got a WIFI router and covered it with different materials 
to see which materials blocked the signal the best. 

The night of the science Fair, the school brought in an organization 
who set up different interactive experiments in the cafeteria. 
It was a fun night! 

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