Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Last but not least- Sophia...
1. She loves to wear plaid flannel shirts and jeans. (true Colorado girl) 
2. Sophia loves to be independent.
3. Sophia enjoys to hang out with friends.
4. She clams up whenever things are wrong. It takes forever to get her to open up when she's upset.
5. She likes coffee.
6. She just lost another tooth! 
7. She loves to play softball. 
8. She wants a puppy more than anything and writes me MANY persuasive letters why we should purchase one. 
9. She has really long nails and I may be a tad jealous of them:) 
10. She is a very picky eater like her twin. 
11. She loves to play minecraft and loves music. 
12. She reads a TON and is SUPER excited about middle school. 

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