Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hopkins 5th Grade Pool Party Tradition

 Our 5th graders had a blast at the end of the year pool party- sans the pool. The weather here in Colorado has been SOOOOO rainy! I've never seen it like this- everyday it rains and many days it stays cloudy and rainy all day. (rare to not see the sun out here everyday)
So, the PTO normally throws an outdoor party scheduled for the last week of school and we have not had to cancel it for at least the past 1 5years! But not this year- it rained all day. We moved the party into the gym and had a game show challenge. It was really fun and I found a tattoo artist to come in and a shaved ice truck, which really added a lot to the day! 
The kids had a great attitude even through their disappointment. 

 Bryce Jackman did all the DJ-ing and game shows- they played name that tune and concentration. 

 Ms. Gizzie grilled up the burgers! 

 And one of the highlights was a Fear Factor Challenge! 
We had elimination rounds till 5 people were left for the creepy stuff... 
 Dylan had to hold a cockroach on his arm...
 Evan had to had a tarantula crawl on his neck....
 Tyler had a scorpion on his neck....
 I had some sort of black snake on my neck....

 And Sophia had to hold Lemondrop- a HUGE yellow snake. It weighed almost as much as her! 
 We all passed our challenge and went on to eat a salad with mealworms and crickets
 (they were fried, thank goodness) 
 Sophia wouldn't do it, one of the boys threw up halfway through, so, it came down to me and Dylan for the win and Dylan pulled it out! He swallowed first! Good times! 

 At the end, all the kids got to try a worm or cricket if they liked....
 The shaved ice was a huge hit especially near the end of the day! 

 And we finished up the day with some limbo. It was a great party! 

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