Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The five reasons I am behind on blogging...

#1. I think every post I write on this blog, must have a picture to accompany it- I am not sure why I feel this way but I think its because I LOVE pictures and they seem to make my not so witty posts come alive.
#2. We recently switched our photo archival system from IPHOTO on my MAC (its slowly dying- sniff)  to the desktop computer which runs PICASA. I like PICASA, but I must say, it does take getting used to. Thus, blogging takes much longer.
#3. The other problem I have encountered is that my husband needs to use the desktop computer frequently for his website work, thus making blogging harder.
#4. The desktop computer is also our TV ( I like having a techy husband). I like to watch TV. (my, the excuses keep on coming)
#5. I suppose it all boils down to lack of motivation which is laziness.

So, all this to say, that I will get my butt in gear and start posting again really soon, for my large readership (inject sarcasm) I do miss it. I like to blog. I know I am not that good, but it is fun!
I will be back!


Shyla said...

we're still here! :)so many things call for our attention, don't they!?

Chad said...

It wouldn't matter if you had tons of time and no excuses, sometimes blogging isn't easy. I say this because our blog is a trial as well. And that is all considering I have a broken foot and nothing else to do all day. Oh well! Maybe I will write a post, or at least put some pictures up.

Michelle ;0) said...

No worries, Chas. I'll forgive you if you forgive me!! LOL!! I'm having trouble lately, too...although I'm not sure why...haha!

~Abbey~ said...

i have the same problem...though i do miss your posts! I think of So many things i want to write about, but don't have time to do it!